Oval Shape Fire Pit Grate


Oval-Shaped Fire Pit Grate

is oval (hex)-shaped for campfires, fire pits or outdoor wood-burning fireplaces. Standard sizes: 21″ X 24″ oval-shaped, 24″ X 27″ oval shaped, 27″ X 30″ oval-shaped and 30″ x 33″ oval shaped grates. Legs maintain distance for proper air flow. Made from 5/8″ carbon steel bar stock and electrostaticly finished with high heat, weather-resistant black paint. Also available in welded stainless steel. Grate has 4” legs for optimal air circulation. Char Guard Grate option improves complete burn consistency, simplifies ash clean-up and allows you the choice of using charcoal. Char-Guard is a heavy duty steel mesh fitted and welded to the underside of the grate. Grate should be at least 6″ in diameter smaller than the inner diameter of the fire pit / fire pit ring. Made in the U.S.A. SHIPPING INCLUDED IN PRICE.

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