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We are a manufacturer of Custom Fire pit Screens that can be customized to fit any size Fire pit. We can make either round or square Fire pit screens. At Firepitscreens.net there is no Fire pit too small or large. Fire Pit Safety Screens are a must have for all Fire pits!


“Open Fire Burning” is regulated in most municipalities by ordinances. There are occasionally countywide “fire safety and prevention” regulations.

And in a number of states, the counties and local communities may be required to adhere to a general ban on open fires. Fire pits usually fall into the “recreational open burning” classifications in most local fire safety ordinances.

Most of the fire pit ordinances deal with zoning, distance from combustible or flammable materials and structures, maximum diameter, minimum and maximum pit depth, types of fuel that can be used (sometimes a maximum or a minimum is given for wood length and diameter and how high it can be piled in the pit), and several other safety issues like having a person attend to the fire at all times, utilizing a fire pit safety screen, banning the use of accelerants, having fire extinguishing equipment within proximity of the fire pit.



Our aim is to always provide our customers with unsurpassed quality and value. We have trained technical representatives and coupled with our excellent customer service, ensures that we are capable of completing multiple projects from new and older homes to landscape projects. 



Firepitscreens.net delivered ahead of schedule and we loved that this is an american made product.  The screen design is exactly what we envisioned.  WE RECOMMEND THEM FOR ALL YOUR FIRE PIT NEEDS.”

Matt R. – Highway Road Camp



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